Turkey's forests are being destroyed for construction in defiance of Turkish environmental law. Longoz Forest National Park will be cleared for the building of a nuclear power plant: located near İğneada, a town in the Demirköy district of Kırklareli province, Longoz Forest National Park has been designated for the construction of a third nuclear power plant in Turkey. The national park used to have the status of a “protected natural area,” which allowed only research within the park. However, after being reclassified as a national park, Longoz Forest can be destroyed.


Greenpeace Mediterranean warned of a list of mega projects and investments in energy production that run contrary to the protection of the environment and forests in Turkey:

  • İstanbul's new bridge and airport threaten the city's northern forests: The destruction of the city's only remaining forest to construct a third bridge and airport has begun. Flaws in the preparation of the environmental impact report (ÇED) have been noted as the report does not address the environmental impact of construction. Meanwhile, the third bridge has been exempted from a ÇED.
  • The cancellation of Belgrade Forest's protection against construction: Belgrade Forest lost its protected status in 2011 in order to legalize the construction of nine "nature parks" that include buildings.
  • Longoz Forest National Park faces destruction for third nuclear plant: 
  • Nuclear construction spreads to forest in Mersin: Scientists have reported that part of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Mersin has expanded into the forest, covering 5,265 meter squares of green area.
  • The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs turned over a forest in Sinop to the Ministry of Energy: According to the Anti-Nuclear Platform in Sinop, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs gave 1,051 hectares of forestland to the Ministry of Energy in May 2013 for a nuclear power plant project.
  • Forest in Bartın will be destroyed to construct a thermal power plant: The planned Hema Entegre Thermal station will cover 380 hectares of forestland in Bartın.
  • Forest in Çanakkale set to be destroyed for construction of thermal power plant: The CENAL thermal station is due to be built in the Rafet Ataov forest.
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