The flames erupted in the attic of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, one of Europe’s great historical and architectural symbols. They toppled the 13th Century center spire in the process.The cathedral’s roof and the frame that supports it are gone. That will pose a particular challenge to efforts to rebuild the 856-year-old church. As the oak frame met its end, so too did remnants of Europe’s dwindling ancient forests.

Demand for wood-pulp-based packaging seems set to soar and it’s not clear how the sector will deal with this pressure. The pulp and paper sector has long been one of the principle causes of deforestation. Now, increasing demand for paper-based packaging and for wood fibre for non-paper products are putting pressure on the industry’s supply chains.

Local people and international environmental activists from 12 different countries attended the first public debate on Svydovets in one of the villages affected by a planned mega ski resort. The gigantic project threatens the primeval forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians. For the first time a public debate on Svydovets has been held on 16 March in Yassinya, one of three villages affected by a planned mega ski resort. Local people have spoken out against the gigantic project which shall be build in the heart of the Svydovets massif.

The National Forest Authority (NFA)of Uganda  is worried about the recurrent replacement of natural forests with eucalyptus and pine trees in many parts of the country including wetlands. Tom Okello Obong, the Executive Director of NFA says their assessment has established a growing habit of people destroying the indigenous tree species for commercial eucalyptus and pines which have a grave impact to climate

Mega-dams should not be built in lowland tropical forest regions due to the threat they pose to biodiversity and ecosystems, according to experts at the University of Stirling.  The recommendation -- published in the Journal of Applied Ecology -- emerged from a new study that focuses on the Balbina Hydroelectric Reservoir system in the Brazilian Amazon. Like many hydropower systems in the region, the Balbina dam caused extensive forest fragmentation, with large swathes of land flooded once the dam was closed, transforming former hilltops into islands.

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