The sweet sweet donut has been suddenly he is transformed into a monster. The soft dough have been turned into the wheels of bulldozers that crear the rainforest. That because the sweet donuts are soaked in palm oil. To produce this palm oil, every day new forests are cleared to make space for oil palm plantations. The habitat of the Sumatran tiger disappear, and the peatlands of Indonesia are drained and burned, resealing into atmosphere huge amount of carbon that impact heavily on the global climate.

We all consume palm oil every day – in our soaps, our snacks, and our gas tanks – and much of it comes at the expense of peat forests, which means we’re pumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. A new consumer scorecard can help you stop it. That's why the Union of Concerned Scientists published a scorecard to measure the impact of fast food chains and cosmetics. The scorecard shows that while some companies are at least coming clean on their impact, most are keeping mum, and even those who have come clean haven’t yet reduced their impact enough to make a difference.

Out of ten fast food companies, for example, only two – McDonald’s and Subway – qualified to even receive points on the scorecard, and both scored quite low. Still, he gives them credit for at least acknowledging there is a problem and promising to take action – unlike the other eight.

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