Australian Prime Minister, wit an unprecedented move, Tony Abbott has applied to the United Nations to delist 74,000 hectares of forest in the World Heritage Area given protection last year, as part of the Tasmanian Forests Agreement, negotiated by industry, union and green groups. "It's forest which has been logged, it's forest which has been degraded, in some cases, it's plantation timber that was actually planted to be logged," Abbott said. The ABC Network sent its Fact Check Unit to investigated Abbott's claims and says expert analysis suggests more than 85 per cent of the forests have not been logged, there is only a small amount of degradation and the pine plantation is less than the size of a tennis court.

But the industry doesn’t accept the verdict. The Fact Check Unit unit, they say, “has gone and spoken to all the wrong people including academics that seem to spend a lot of their time also functioning as green activists” as said the timbers spokesman George Harris. It is a fact that the scientific community expressed its concern for the environmental valises of Tasmanian forest ecosystems. For this only reason, scientists opinion is discarded as “inaccurate”. Who else is accurate, then? Obviously: the loggers!

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