IOI Group received an unexpected visit from a group of activists who delivered a large photo of the community of Long Teran Kanan, a community whose traditional lands have been converted to plantations by IOI Group.

The delivery came one week before IOI's May 2nd deadline to meet certain requirements laid out by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). If IOI group does not find acceptable solutions to the social conflict associated with its palm oil operations in Sarawak, Malaysia, by May 2nd, the company will face further sanctions.

Cargill - the largest importer of palm oil into the United States - buys significant amounts of palm oil from IOI Group. After IOI Group's refused to address its conflict with the community of Long Teran, environmental organizations, among them RAN, demand that Cargill institute basic safeguards on its supply chain to ensure it is not selling palm oil from stolen indigenous lands.

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