is a new website about unprotected High Conservation Value Forests under threat in Norway, Sweden and Finland from the Taiga Rescue Network.
Today forest based consumer goods from Nc often come from controversial loggings in High Conservation Value Forests. aims to provide this information and news to producers, buyers, NGOs and the general public who are concerned about biologically and socially valuable forests in Fennoscandia. It does so by presenting media, reports, statistics and maps about forests in general and concerning specific districts and countries.

Much of the forest based consumer goods from Fennoscandia are sold to the European markets, especially to countries like Germany and the UK. What the consumers do not know is that the source may be valuable forests from Fennoscandia. That's why we want to provide a source of information that's easily accessible also to consumers and buyers from these regions says Sini Eräjää from the Taiga Rescue Network.

Some of the forest areas described are still standing and some have recently been logged. By providing information aims to present a comprehensive picture of realities facing those Fennoscandian forests.

We believe that well informed people can help to preserve biologically rich forest landscapes in balance between different interests in society. Now we have a valuable tool for doing that says Mirjam Lööf Green forest network co-ordinator in Sweden.

The site's main contributors are actively engaged in either forest research or Environmental NGOs in Fennoscandia. All the forests described on have documented High Conservation Values. All of the areas are under threat of being logged as they are not protected.

In our network we have dozens of experts and local activists with years of field experience. The long running work made by these persons is the solid ground that the facts of the site are built on says Olli Manninen, Finnish forest activist. will be a reliable source for forest news in Fennoscandia for several years onwards. will continuously be updated with new examples of unprotected forests and will be our main source to provide information on the situation in Norway says Gjermund Andersen, forest campaigner of FoE-Norway.


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