Nestle has become the latest major multinational to cancel their palm oil contract with Sinar Mas, one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates and a leading producer of both palm oil and wood pulp for paper and packaging products.
Sinar Mas is actively clear cutting Indonesia's forests, home to the endangered Orangutan, Sumatran Tiger, and Elephant, in violation of Indonesian law. Not only is Sinar Mas' palm oil dirty and dangerous, it is also illegal. Sinar Mas is clearing rainforests in Borneo without proper government approval.

With the world's major buyers of palm oil, including Uniliver, Kraft, Sainsbury and now Nestle cutting ties with Sinar Mas, Cargill's support of Sinar Mas' rainforest destruction and chain of illegalities has become all the more unacceptable. Cargill has repeatedly refused to disclose the size of their palm oil contracts with Sinar Mas subsidiaries and affiliates, contracts insiders believe Cargill pays Sinar Mas tens of millions of dollars a year for their dangerous palm oil.

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