Russia forests face 66 forest fires. The greatest number of forest fires occurred in the Trans-Baikal region. The Khabarovsk Region’s Forestry Department said that ten fires covering 11,400 hectares had been detected in a remote area, which were yet to be tackled. In Buryatia its gone to some 500 hectares, in Tuva 200 hectares have been scorched, and in the TransBaikal Region slightly more than 100 hectares were burnt. Minor wildfires are being reported from the Tomsk region (80 hectares). 

The forest fires are caused by the extremely dry weather in Siberia, one of the impacts of climate change, and it. But wildfires also release massive amounts of carbon which causes climate change which makes the fires worse.
According to an report by Russia's climate and environment agency, between 1976 and 2012 average temperatures in Russia rose 0.43°C (0.8°F) a decade – more than twice the global average of 0.17°C.

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