An unprecedented four-day total fire ban has been declared in Tasmania as more than 70 fires continue to burn uncontrolled across the state. The fire in Tasmania's north has more than tripled to 7000 hectares since starting only two days ago in hot and dry conditions. More than 42,000 hectares have been burnt in the past 10 days. The Guardian described the fires burning across Tasmania as the worst crisis the world heritage forests there have faced in decades.
Of the 70 fires across the state, 60 are in the northwest - including the largest at 16,000ha - while 44 are out of control with many too dangerous and inaccessible to tackle. A total fire ban has been declared on Thursday for the northwest including Launceston, Devonport, King Island, the west coast and northern midlands where temperatures are due to reach beyond 30C. The towns considered most under threat if the fires keep growing include northern towns Mayberry, Mole Creek, Caveside, Dairy Plains and Meander.
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