According to the West Kalimantan Orangutan Conservation Forum (FKOKB), China is the biggest buyer of endangered animals in Indonesia. "These animals are believed to be aphrodisiac foods for them," said Albertus Tjiu, chairman of FKOKB. Last century, West Kalimantan had rhinos and elephants, but they were hunted to extinction as there was no ban. According to Albertus Tjiu, those protected animals are re-exported by Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Those animals are hidden in containers, trunks, or bags.

Another mean is document falsification. These animals, especially orangutans and gibbons, are allegedly in one chain with timber. This illegal trade involves organized crime, which is in parallel to narcotics and arms trade. FKOKB recorded five cases of protected animals' trade in West Java handled by authorities. Unfortunately, verdicts for these cases are still light.

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