Many forests are very remote, but they all protect our lives prioviding essential services. Without the forest we have no future....

The services provided by the forests

Climate: Rainforests help stabilize the world's climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; Air:lForests produce the oxygen we breathe;
Water: Forests help maintain the water cycle. They are the better tool to fight decertification;
Life: lthey are crucial habitat for about two-thirds of terrestrial species;

Soil: the forests stabilize the soil, preventing erosion and natural disasters;
Peoples and Cultures: they ensure the survival of 1.2 billion people;;
Hidden treasures: they provide food, fiber, medicines.

When the forests are gone, life will be tough. It could happen soon. We still can protect them, we are still in time.We already have all the technologies, resources and knowledge to stop the destruction of forests. It depends on us.


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