In the world there are diverse forests: temperate, boreal and tropical, coniferous and broadleaf trees, rainforests, dry forests, marshes, peatforests and mangrove forests.


They are a millennial heritage that ensures life.

They are air, water, soil,climate.

Without forests, it is not onlyindigenous peoples and animal species that would die. Withoutforests, none of uswould haveafuture.

Forests of the World

Intact forestareas still extendto 13 million square kilometres, 1.8% of the earth's surface above sea-level.Butthey are fighting against time: half of the original forests that covered the planetfrom the end of the Ice Ageare lost forever. And most of the remaining forests, fragmented into small areas, are destined todisappearin time.


In short, we are at a crossroads. We risk losing the world's forests forever. But we can still save them.

See the map of world forests

In dark green the intact forest landscapes. Detailed maps are available on the site of intact forest landscapes


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