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Paper Giant APP loses further customers in Europe

The German discounter KiK will stop purchasing writing paper from the Indonesian paper concern Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) immediately. The Tengelmann-owned company assured this renunciation following talks with the Consumer Protection Agency of the German state of North Rhine … Continue reading

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Indonesia: APRIL clear-cutting key tiger habitat

A pulp supplier for a major paper company is clearing natural forest in a wildlife corridor in central Sumatra, alleges a new investigation conducted by Eyes on the Forest, , a coalition of environmental groups. The  report says that PT Riau Andalan Pulp … Continue reading

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Indonesia: camera captures tiger cubs in forest under imminent threat of clearing

WWF camera traps recorded an astounding 12 tigers in just two months in the central Sumatran landscape of Bukit Tigapuluh, including two mothers with cubs. A video camera trap in the same area has also captured footage of three young tiger siblings … Continue reading

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New attack on Greenpeace in Indonesia

>Last week Rudy Gani, the leader of the Aliansi Mahasiswa Tolak LSM Asing (the Alliance of Students to Reject Foreign NGOs), a student group, filed a complaint against Greenpeace with local police alleging that the green group had misappropriated up … Continue reading

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